Your Future

As an emergency room physician, I’ve experienced my fair share of scary, disturbing, and heart-rending situations. I’ve also been a part of truly gratifying encounters that remind me of what is means to be human. Life is filled with both.

How we deal with those two types of situations will determine how satisfying and enjoyable our life is.

I’ve witnessed people overcome tremendous difficulties while others seem to wilt in the face of some of the most basic of challenges.

There are so many self-help books in bookstores, why does the world need one more?

Because you’ve never read one from the point of view of an emergency room physician; one that discusses ways to overcome maladaptive behavior and patterns while also offering insights on the many ways in which we can get in the way of our own success and happiness.

If you read my book, I can make the following commitment:

  • You will experience an increase in your sense of fulfillment, contentment, and happiness.
  • You can curb your weight.
  • You can bring your spending habits in alignment with your budget.
  • You can feel fulfilled with work or even have a greater work-life balance.

If you don’t read my book the following may be true.

  • You will go on just surviving but never thriving.
  • You will continue to engage in self-destructive behaviors that are keeping you from living your “best life” and finding fulfillment.
  • You will remain living by “just getting by.”

Ultimately, the goal is for you to have a better grasp on what you’re missing in life and for you to feel confident that you can now achieve it.

You will no longer feel trapped in your current situation.

You will overcome and conquer a victim mentality and take control of your destiny and happiness.

How is one single book going to help me do any of this?

I use medical science and real-world experience, with a dash of humor and a pinch of honesty to provide you with practical steps to start bettering your life. I also share information about my own struggles with mental health issues, openly and honestly.


I Offer a Simple Process

I’ve only written one book, because I believe it’s all you need to start improving your life. It’s just under 200 pages and will cost you less than a few cups of coffee from Starbucks. Moreover, this book is a one-stop shop to get your life heading back in the right direction. There are no webinars, retreats, or multi-step programs required. All you need is this book, and the willingness to start improving your life.

So, ask yourself, what is more important to your future, buying more caffeine, or investing in a simple, realistic way to Stop Sabotaging Your Life?

I’ll be here waiting when you have your answer.

Purchase the book.

Implement the solutions offered in the book.

Live a more fulfilling life.

Start living the life you
want. Your best days are
just ahead!

What Readers are Saying

The Natural Med

The Natural Med with Dr. Maxwell Morrison

In this episode of the Natural Med Podcast, we interview Dr. Maxwell Morrison, emergency medicine physician and author of Stop Sabotaging Your Future. We dig into Morrison’s book and discover how to optimize one’s life with his easy to read guide. Morrison is honest and open. He shares his own personal journey through discovering balance, happiness and how to avoid unnecessary obstacles that get in life’s way. This book is a must for anyone starting their wellness journey.

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